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Spring '18 Regular Season Standings

Below you will find the regular season standings for selected age-level leagues.

Here are some things to consider as you look at these standings:

1. We keep standings to measure teams' performances against one another during the regular season and to determine seedings for the post-season LCB Tournaments. The teams are entered into the tournament based on their final winning percentage. In the event of a tie there is a tie-breaker procedure.

2. Division standings are ranked by winning percentage, highest to lowest. The winning percentage figure for each team is indicated on the Standings grids in the column labeled "%".

We calculate winning percentage using the following formula:

Total games won divided by total games played.

A tie game (even a 0-0 tie) is considered a 1/2 game win and a 1/2 game loss. Example: A record of 14-5-1 results in a .725 winning percentage (14.5 games won divided by a total of 20 games). Rain games are not considered in the calculation.

3. Even though we play in two divisions, Orange and Tangerine, ALL GAMES COUNT for the purposes of the standings.

4. Suspended or rained-out games will be continued or played at a future date only if their outcomes could affect the first-place standing, otherwise they may not be played.

5. We do not keep score in Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and LCB Buddy Ball, so no standings are shown for those leagues.