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Fall '18 registration  

Online registration is open for all age levels and LCB Buddy Ball.

Click on the Register Now link above.

For the upcoming Fall season we offer baseball for boys and girls as follows:

- Tee Ball (3 & 4 yr-olds)
- Coach Pitch (5 & 6 yr-olds)
- Training League (machine pitch for some 7s & all 8s)
- Minor League (kid-pitch baseball for 9s & 10s)
- Major League (11-12 yr-olds)
- Junior League (prep ball for those 13 thru 15)
- LCB Buddy Ball (baseball for those with disabilities from ages 5 and up)

Registration fee for Fall '18 is $35.00 for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch and $65.00 for all other age-level leagues. There is no fee for LCB Buddy Ball.

Every age-level league will play two games per week for 7 weeks (14 games total). LCB Buddy Ball will play one game per week. The registration fee includes a team shirt and a hat.

Calendar - Teams will be selected the week of August 27, practices begin Tuesday, September 4 and games on Monday, September 17. The last games of the Fall season will be played on Friday, Nov 2.

No games are currently scheduled for Wednesdays or Saturdays, but that could change based on how many registrants we have. Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Training League play at 5:30 PM, Minor League plays at 7:00 PM and Major League at 7:30 PM. These leagues, including LCB Buddy Ball, play at Peterson Park. Junior League's games start at 6:30 PM at Lake Bonny Park.

Our Fall season is a fun, instructional time. It's also a time to prepare players for the upcoming Spring season, so we determine the player's league by considering their league age for next Spring.

Please read the following information on league ages and shirt sizes:

A few Q & A’s about registration and shirt sizes –

(For much more information please see the FAQs)

How much does it cost to register?
For our Fall '18 season the registration fee is $35.00 for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch and $65.00 for all other age-level leagues. LCB Buddy Ball players play for free. There is a $130.00 maximum registration fee per family ("Family Max") and scholarships are available to those who qualify. If you need more information about scholarships, click on the Contact button above and send us a message. We'll get in touch with you to discuss your needs.
Which age-level league should my child play in?
For those new to LCB, our leagues are set up by ages, more specifically, "league age". If you think your child should play at a higher or lower age level league, please make that note on the online registration form in the Comments area, or note your preference on the printed registration form at walk-up registration. For those returning to LCB, the same considerations apply. Normally a player spends two seasons at a particular age level, then moves up.
How do I determine my child's "league age"?
Your child's league is his or her age as of April 30 of each year. Click here to see a league age chart for the current season.
Tell me more about shirt sizes.
The registration forms use youth and adult tee-shirt size indications. Some people are more familiar with the sizing system found in stores for youth sizes, so here’s a cross-reference:
Store size Dry Fit shirt size
4 Youth Extra Small (YXS)
Youth Small (YS)
Youth Medium (YM)
Youth Large (YL)
18-20 Youth Extra Large (YXL)
  Adult Extra Small (AXS)
  Adult Small (AS)
  Adult Medium (AM)
  Adult Large (AL)
  Adult extra Large (XL)
The uniform shirts we supply are dry fit (Sport-Tek PosiCharge Competitor), therefore there will no shrinkage even with repeated washing and drying. Click here for more detail info on the shirt sizes.
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