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LCB Concussion Awareness Program


Concussions and related traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are of great concern at Lakeland City Baseball. While uncommon in our sport, we choose nevertheless to heighten awareness of the injury and its harmful effects. We have established a plan to respond to such injuries in an appropriate manner, one that places the highest priority on safety and long-term health of the players.


The LCB Concussion Awareness Program has the following components:

  • The LCB Concussion Policy placed on our website, in our rulebook and on printed handouts.

  • We require all volunteers to complete the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) "Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports" online training. The course's certificate of completion must be presented in printed or electronic form prior to the volunteers receiving their volunteer badge.

  • Distribution of the CDC's "A Fact Sheet for Coaches" to managers prior to the beginning of each season.

  • Distribution to parents or guardians through the Team Mom network (Spring) and managers (Fall) of the following:

Our ultimate goal is to increase awareness of concussions and related TBI’s, and to protect our players from their harmful effects to the greatest extent possible. The mandated concussion training, distribution of printed policy and fact sheets, and parental consents ensures compliance with our insurance carrier’s requirements and with Florida statute XLVII, section 943.0438.


LCB Concussion Policy

CDC Concussion Webinar

Concussion Facts for Parents

Concussion Facts for Coaches