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Car breakins 
Please do not leave your valuables in your car while you are at the park. We have already had one breakin this week where the car window was broken and a purse was stolen. This seems to happen every season but can be prevented if you don't leave your valuables in your car.
$20 TB Rays tickets 

We have a limited number of TB Rays tickets for the Mar 31 game against the Houston Astros. The tickets are at the incredible price of $20 each. Don't miss out on the Kevin Kiermaier replica jersey giveaway. Click here for more informaiton. We will be selling the tickets at Peterson Park on the following days:
Tue Mar 12 5:30-7:00pm
Fri Mar 15 6:00-7:30pm
Sat Mar 16 2:00-4:00pm
Mon Mar 18 6:00-7:30pm
Tues Mar 19 6:00-7:30pm
Fri Mar 22 6:00-7:30pm
2020 team

The board of Lakeland City Baseball is pleased to announce the roster for the 2020 Cooperstown team. Thank you to everyone who came to the tryout. Our board did not take the tryout lightly. We had a competitive group of boys tryout for the team, and we hope that the boys that didn't make it continue to work hard, develop, and join us again for the All Stars tryouts at the end of the regular season(details coming soon).
Cooperstown 2020 Roster
N Bradner B Lanier
R Currie H Link
W Darby C Maslyn
C Facey J McGuire
D Flores G Ottman
I Goines M Welling
Volunteer badges
All adults who will be interacting with the players on the field or in the dugout are required to have a blue 2019 volunteer badge. This will be enforced for all games. If you have applied to volunteer and have not picked up your badge you may get if from the board member on duty.

Online registration remains open
Online player registration remains open. However, some leagues are full. We will be closing registration soon so if you are thinking of registering you should do so now.
To register a player click here or on the Online Player Registation link in the menu to the left.
Questions or concerns
We are currently having some technical issues with the Contact Us link. If you need to get in touch with us click here to send us an email. We will reply as soon as possible.

















Field Status

Peterson Park: OPEN
Lake Bonny Park: OPEN

Note: Central Florida weather is unpredictable and therefore field status can change from one moment to the next. If the weather is uncertain, please make plans to show up at the park. Final field status is determined by league officials and City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation Dept. personnel.

Today's Games

Friday, March 22, 2019
Peterson Park
Coach Pitch
Lakeland Moonwalk vs Complete Kitchen and Bath: 5:30 PM,  Field 1
Play It Again Sports vs Lakeland Liquidation: 5:30 AM,  Field 4
Owl Now Urgent Care vs Rim Doctor: 5:30 PM,  Field 5
Training League
Shirin Yasrebi, DDS vs Lakeland Barber Company: 5:30 PM,  Field 2
Top Notch Air vs Rodda Construction: 5:30 PM,  Field 3
Major League
Little Caesars vs Major League Practice: 7:30 PM,  Field 1
Stuart's Plumbing vs Lilly & Brown: 7:30 PM,  Field 2
Lakeland Liquidation vs Artistic General Contracting: 7:30 PM,  Field 3
Lake Bonny Park
Junior League
K.L. Smith Inc. vs Dick's Sporting Goods: 6:30 PM,  Field 1